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Premier Wilderness Fly Fishing Adventures in Kamchatka, Russia & Alaska, USA

For over 30 years, Ultimate Rivers and affiliates have provided “cutting edge” wilderness fly fishing experiences on the most remote, pristine and productive waters of Alaska, USA and Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and Far East mainland. We also publish definitive references for the tourist trade on the spectacular sports fishing and wildlife attractions of these areas. If you are contemplating that ultimate wilderness coldwater fishing adventure, something that goes far beyond just a fishing trip, please check out our services and publications on this site!


Rivers Seldom Seen

Ultimate Rivers Alaska Program has been built over the years around the float fishing trips. We have perfected the art of floating down remote, wild and scenic, fish-filled rivers with the finest high-tech gear and developed expertise to ensure the utmost possible comfort, safety and enjoyment of our clientele, enabling their experience of some of the finest cold water sports fishing and wilderness in the world.

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We Take You To Remote Locations

For years, Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, due to its strategic location, was off limits to any exploration, foreign and domestic, but it has been open for travel since the early 1990s. And though it seems deserted by most standards, it won’t be long before the rest of the world finds out just how good the trout fishing is on the long isolated province.

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Professional Guides

In addition to developing an outstanding Alaska program, we were among the first American tour operators to pioneer joint ventures in Russia during the late 1980s, concentrating our efforts in the Far East provinces most accessible by direct flights from Alaska. Goo Vogt’s Siberian taimen program based out of Khabarovsk in the 1990s was very successful, garnering five IGFA World Records, including the largest fish ever taken on rod and reel.

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