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Siberian Taimen Fishing

Ultimate Rivers, through its affiliates, was among the first tour operators to establish joint venture sports fishing programs for the legendary Siberian Taimen. Our initial efforts took us all over Siberia in search of this elusive predator, but we eventually focused attention on the fabulously productive rivers along the Far East mainland, in the Primorye and Khabarovsk regions, where Goo Vogt’s program during the 1990s yielded quite a few IGFA World Records, including the largest taimen ever taken by sporting methods. These impressive catches drew quite a bit of attention from the world angling community, with a subsequent dramatic increase in fishing pressure on these rivers in ensuing years, with predictable results on the fishing.

Since then we have explored other regions, some quite remote, in hopes of finding rivers that might yield the mythical 150-pounder. Most promising have been the immense drainages of north-central Siberia, an area historically known for producing the largest verified specimens of this interesting exotic. We are currently offering custom taimen fly fishing expeditions on these and other rivers of north central and far east Russia. The program varies with location and time of year, but usually consists of headwater float fishing and tent camping combined with a day or two (or more) of jet boat accessed mainstem fishing out of permanent camps. This allows us to sample a great variety of water to maximize our chances of encountering these solitary predators, particularly trophy specimens (60 lbs. or more).

Using much the same high tech gear as we have on our Kamchatka and Alaska programs, along with native Russian guides, we are able to provide safe, comfortable and very enjoyable river conveyance and tent camps. Along with IGFA World Record opportunities for Siberian taimen, these trips offer the chance to encounter other unique species like lenok (Brachymystax lenok), Amur pike (Esox reichertii), and other exotics. Trip length varies from 7-14 days. Prices are all inclusive from Russian departure points (Khabarovsk, Yakuts, etc.). The season runs from the end of May into October.

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