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Ultimate Rivers Testimonials

“Your trip exceeded my expectations!”
Dave Ehrhardt, Los Gatos, California

The best dry fly fishing I’ve ever had!”
Jon Fore, Denver, Colorado

“You guys have the best trip going!”
Bill Terry, Alamo, California

An extraordinary wilderness fishing adventure!”
Alex Macleod, London, England

I’ve fished trout all over the world, but Kamchatka is tops for rainbows.”
Randi Rush, Santa Clara, California

My mind returns over and over to just how precious our river experience was over there.”
Dr. Joe Dyer, St. Charles, Missouri

I had a wonderful time with you guys; will definitely do it again!”
Hans Thallmayer, San Juan Capistrano, California

There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Russia with a box of Mouses and a bottle of Jack, outfishin’ you, believe me!”

Dave Baum, Chappaqua, New York

Awesome trip, dude!”
Dave Heib, Manhattan Beach, California

“Rene, you are a real outdoorsman!”

Peter Galila, Akiak, Alaska

 “….it was an absolutely epic trip. You will probably never quite understand how much we (Hunter and I) enjoyed it, , but I can say that just about every day he hands me a cup of water and says… “hey, go start the fire with this, but use the dry water”… and then we have a bit of a laugh… haha… Rene, you are an absolute icon in my mind and I sincerely appreciate the time and attention you afforded me and my son.”

Dan Beach, Raleigh, North Carolina


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