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Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Angler’s Guide, Deluxe 3rd Edition

The Bible of Alaska Fishing

Rene Limeres and Gunnar Pedersen have compiled, in this 464 page reference, accurate and detailed information from the top fishing experts across Alaska (including themselves) to produce the most  authoritative book ever written on the fabulous  sport fishing opportunities of the 49th state. This weighty tome has everything you could ever want to know (and a whole lot more) about sports fishing in Alaska! There is expanded coverage of all the major Alaska game fishes (17 species), rundowns on all the best angling methods (spin, bait and fly fishing), plus in-depth analyses of the six major geographic regions and their waters (salt and fresh). Included are diagrams on climate, species availability and run-timing, with explicit details on accessing and fishing over 300 of the state’s most productive locations. Bonus section in the back of the book includes Flies for Alaska, Catch-and-Release Techniques, Alaska Trip Planning and Knots for Alaska Anglers.

Beautifully illustrated with over 500 full-color photos, maps, charts, graphs and illustrations,   Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Angler’s Guide, 3rd Edition  sets a new standard for fishing books on the 49th state, with content that not only informs, but also captures the imagination and heart of the reader. First published in 2005, the book has since been updated twice.

Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Angler’s Guide, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 1-929170-29-7

Authors: Alaska’s top fishing experts

Compilers/Editors/Contributors: Rene Limeres and Gunnar Pedersen

Publisher: Publishers Design Group, Roseville, California

Format:  464 pages, color, 7.5″ X 10″, hardbound

View a sample Alaska Fishing TOC and sample chapters (PDF)


Alaska Pocket Guides

Originally created  as part of a series of compact, handy field references to the natural history of the Last Frontier, the Alaska Pocket Fishing and Alaska Pocket Wildlife guides contain a surprising amount of beautifully presented, useful information for tourists, anglers and any others wanting to know about the fabulous sports fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities in America’s greatest state.

Both Pocket Guides distill vast amounts of information into concise overviews, major species descriptions, best locations and techniques, insider’s tips and, in the Pocket Fishing, recommended gear, lures and flies. Handsomely illustrated with gorgeous photos, illustrations, charts and maps, these attractive and inexpensive guidebooks are a big seller in tourist venues all across the 49th state. Don’t think of visiting Alaska without them.

Format: 4 by 7.25 inches, booklet

Full cover

44-64 pages

Publication dates: 2008 & 2010

Pocket Fishing Guide Sample Pages (PDF)

Pocket Wildlife Guide Sample Pages (PDF)


Kamchatka Flyfishing & Visitors Guide

In this first major guide to the fabulous fly fishing and other superlative attractions of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, Rene Limeres,  coauthor/publisher of the award-winning, best selling Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Angler’s Guide has drawn on years of personal experience, augmented by information contributed by local experts to create a useful and interesting guide for anyone contemplating a visit to this last great frontier of outdoor adventure.  Comprehensive overviews of Kamchatka’s terrain, climate, vegetation, infrastructure, history, culture, etc., combined with insider’s tips on trip planning will be of great benefit to all readers.  For fly anglers, a rundown of the peninsula’s major  sport species and the best techniques, gear and  patterns  should  be of special interest, as will the author’s descriptions of Kamchatka’s  major fishing locations and how best to access and fish them.

The book’s content is enhanced by numerous illustrations, including maps, diagrams, charts and dozens of color photographs by the author and talented local photographers and guides: Alexander Bichenko, Irina Kruglykova, Igor Shatilo, Sergei Malkov, Eugeny Ludnikov and others.  Bonus section in the back of the book includes information and photos on the common fauna and flora of Kamchatka, fly patterns for Kamchatka and recommended guides/outfitters/lodges and other tourist services.

Format: 6 by 9 inches softbound

Full Color

252 pages

Publication Date: 2017