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           Kamchatka Exploratory Expeditions

For true adventurers, longer expeditions allow us time to explore and fish more remote drainages to the north, into the Koryak region. Every year we try to target new rivers, and have been among the first westerners to float and fish several important drainages along the west coast. Most of these trips are based out of the mountain hub of Esso, north of Petropavlovsk, and involve a day's ride by bus up the scenic central valley, before departing by helicopter to the river. We spend up to 10 days exploring/fishing the river, then return to Esso for local activities like horseback riding, visits to museums or dance performances, stays at hot springs, or volcano trekking. The excitement and high adventure of exploring untouched waters, combined with ample opportunities for experiencing the culture and natural wonders of some of the most remote parts of Kamchatka, make for a truly unforgettable experience. This is the ultimate trip for the serious wild trout angler!

11-14 days,  all-inclusive from Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka

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