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Click here to read an excellent, early account (1994) of fishing Kamchatka, by John Randolph of Fly Fisherman Magazine. (This is a large .pdf file, so please give it time to fully load.)

  Trout Fishing's End of the Rainbow

For years, Kamchatka was off limits to any exploration, foreign and domestic, but now it is open for travel. And though it seems deserted, it won't be long before the rest of the world finds out just how good the trout fishing is on this long isolated peninsula. In dozens of rivers along its coasts, there are rainbow trout (in addition to salmon and charr) in numbers and size that call to mind conditions in Alaska fifty or more years ago, and the few guiding operations in existence have barely scratched the surface, leaving most of it untapped.

And what better way to enjoy this "Last Frontier" of trout angling than by floating its wild rivers in rafts, with native guides, fishing virgin stretches of water each day, camping on gravel bars marked only by the tracks of animals, totally immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of Kamchatka's awesome backcountry?

If this sounds like your kind of fishing vacation, then we invite you to join one of Alaska's premier float trip operators, in partnership with Kamchatka's most experienced ecotour company, for superb, "Russian style" float and tent camp fishing expeditions on the finest fishing streams in southern/central Kamchatka. On these unspoiled drainages, you'll enjoy perfect wade and cast conditions for abundant, hefty rainbow trout (average size 20-24 inches; up to 10 lbs. or more), charr and salmon, along with a surprising modicum of comfort and facilities provided by the Russian host company. (They've been doing trips in Russia for a long time and know how to do them right!) You'll have the finest American high-tech rafting and camping gear, with separate tents for sleeping and dining, private bathroom, portable hot shower, and even streamside steam baths (Russian "banyas"). All trips are led by veteran Alaska guides, with assistance from a seasoned cadre of local native Russians who know the river and conditions like no one else.

These float and fish safaris provide a unique and intimate experience of Kamchatka's superlative wilderness and fabled fishing. Since they are not burdened with the logistics of maintaining fixed camp operations, this joint venture can offer trips on rivers few others have visited, and is continually exploring to provide their clientele with the very finest wild fishing. All trips begin on remote headwaters, floating silently, without the noise of motors, to give you the opportunity to see and photograph wildlife up close, not to mention the treat of fishing stretches of virgin water not accessible by any other means. They camp streamside in a new location every night, with a background lullaby of running water, untainted by the sound of generators. Each day on the river is a new adventure, with unfolding vistas of the spectacular country, glimpses of active volcanoes, wildlife sightings, hot springs, native ruins and artifacts, and of course, plenty of fabulous rainbow and charr fishing.

Kamchatka's rainbows, called "Mikizha", are big and unsophisticated, so you won't need a great deal of technical skills or elaborate gear to do well fishing for them. (Many guests with little or no fly fishing experience catch up to a dozen or more big trout a day.) Depending on the month, anglers either fish the surface with the Mouse or dry flies, bounce beads along the bottom, drift egg/flesh/forage/attractor patterns, or even nymph, with equally good results. Salmon in season, Dolly Varden charr, and the exotic East Siberian charr, or "Kundzha", Salvelinus leucomenis, add variety and excitement to the mix.

The schedule is relaxed and informal; guests set the pace under the guidance of experienced local guides, so you can fish as much (or as little) as you want. Most of the fishing is done from shore, wading and casting in the best spots, then drifting in the boats to the next stretch of productive water. All rainbows are released, and your guide will provide assistance with photographing your catch and handling the fish with minimal stress. The food on these trips is unbelievable. Two native cooks accompany each expedition, and the fantastic Russian meals these girls whip up from scratch are just as memorable as the fishing. In the evenings, you'll enjoy real camaraderie with your trip mates around the fire, swapping stories (and endless vodka toasts) until sleep calls you to your tents.