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Beyond Alaska: Russiaís Exciting Flyfishing Frontier
by Rene Limeres, 2002

Kamchatka, Russia-Trout Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime - PDF
by Donald Newman
Western Outdoors Magazine, February 2005
( PDF download 1.7 MB )

Kamchatka! - PDF
by John Randolph
FlyFisherman Magazine, May 1994
( PDF download - 3.6 MB )

Taminí the Taimen - PDF
by Rene Limeres
Alaska Magazine, June 1991
( PDF download 1.7 MB )

Southwest Alaska
by Rene Limeres
Alaska Fishing
The Ultimate Anglerís Guide, 3rd Edition  2005

Alaskaís Ultimate Rivers
by Rene Limeres
Alaska Magazine, April 2001

Alaskaís Float Fish Trip
by Rene Limeres 2002

Russian Rainbows, by Rene Limeres                                Destination Fish Magazine,  Spring 2008 (PDF file 1.4 MB)